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Mike Whiteside and Ben Robinson are a creative team made up of two human men (taxonomically, Homo sapiens), the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina. They use tools much more efficiently than any other animal yet discovered by science and tend to walk on two legs. They are differentiable from their nearest cousins, chimpanzees, by their large heads and noses.

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2017 - Present

2014 - 2017
Saatchi & Saatchi

2013 - 2014

2011 - 2013
Placements @ W+KY&RVCCPBMBBETC  

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Virgin Trains ‘Very Fast Chair’
Shots Awards, Shortlisted, TV Commercial of the Year
Thinkboxes award for best TV ad

Virgin Trains 2018
Effie Awards, Gold

Short Film ‘O Human Being’
Vimeo Staff Pick

HomeAway ‘Get HomeAway from it all’ 
British Arrows, Gold, Writing
British Arrows, Bronze, Transport & Tourism Campaigns
British Arrows, Shortlist, Digital Campaigns
British Arrows, Shortlist, Original Composition
British Arrows, Shortlist, Direction
Creative Circle, Silver, Writing for Film
Clio, Shortlist, Film Craft
Source Selects top 100 spots of 2017

Virgin Trains ‘Owls’
Aerial Award winner

Visa ‘The Heart’
D&AD, Graphite Pencil, Film Craft
Cannes Lions, Shortlist, Film Craft
The One Show, Shortlist, Film Craft
Kinsale Sharks, Silver, Film Craft

HomeAway ‘Why Share It?’ 
Clio, Bronze, Film
Creative Circle, Bronze, Writing for Film

Women's Aid 'Look At Me' 
Cannes Lions, Gold, Outdoor
Cannes Lions, Silver, Cyber
Cannes Lions, Shortlist, Grand Prix for Good
D&AD, Wood Pencil, Media, Use of Outdoor
D&AD, Wood Pencil, Media, Use of Interaction
Clio, Silver, Outdoor
British Arrows, Shortlist, Outdoor
Creative Circle, Silver, Digital
Creative Circle, Silver, Design Craft
Creative Circle, Bronze, Outdoor
Campaign top 10 outdoor ads of 2015, #3
Campaign BIG Awards, Shortlist, Charity
Shots Awards, Silver, Outdoor
Shots Awards, Silver, Charity
BIMA Awards Grand Prix
BIMA Awards Public Life winner
BIMA Awards  Location winner
The Drum OOH Awards, Grand Prix
The Drum OOH Awards, Winner, Digital interactive
The Drum OOH Awards, Winner, Use of Digital Tech
The Drum OOH Awards, Commendation, Innovation
Ocean 'Art of Outdoor' winner

D&AD Best New Blood winner 2011
Clear Channel Student Awards winner 2010

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