Richmond - Sausages & Chip

Any parent knows a kid's treasured toy is part of the family, and it's DEFCON 5 when they go missing. But family favourite Richmond sausages are here to bring the whole family together, even beyond the dinner table. So we created a toy-tracking microchip that makes that slippery Ted's location visible on your phone.

To launch the idea, we scoured the country to find kids who constantly lose the thing most precious to them in the world, and made short documentaries about them. Emily and her best mate Teddy starred in the main TV ad, while the stories of Ava & Bobbit, Toby & Blue Bear and Mia & Mr. Pink ran online.

Directed by Wilkins & Maguire.

Our chip also made waves in conspiracy theory communities after David Icke (who believes the world is controlled by an illuminati of lizard people) tweeted it.